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Technopol International, a.s.
Kutlíkova 17, 852 50 Bratislava


Customer care center
Radovan Just 02 / 68 286 125
Two-way radios rentals
Ján Štefánik 02 / 68 286121
Michal Ďuriš 02 / 68 286121
Sales department
Mgr. Stanislav Stacho,ml. 02 / 68 286 127
Ing. Stanislav Stacho,st. 02 / 68 286 126
Maintenance service
Marián Hradecký 02 / 68 286116
Boris Jordanov 02 / 68 286116
Ing. Emília Bujňáková 02 / 68 286 130
Business group 1 Director
Ing. Tibor Lörincz 02 / 68 286 130  
About the RADIOPOL network operator

Present time:
In 2005 Technopol International, j. s. c. put into operation the new generation digital network in the European standard TETRA from MOTOROLA company. The TETRA network is ranked among the most advanced generation of trunking digital radio networks and it allows more than 4000 users to share advantages of the large digital network opened to customer-oriented applications. The Slovak economy leaders from industrial sphere and other significant companies from various sectors are among the key users.

In 1993 Technopol, j. s. c. became the distributor of MOTOROLA company. In 1997 Technopol got a license for providing of radio communication services from the Ministry of Transport. In 1998 Technopol International, j. s. c. took on this license and put into operation the RADIOPOL public radio network. Step by step there was installed the top trunking mostly analog radio infrastructure in Bratislava, Trenčín, Malacky, Nitra, Trnava and Šaľa. Due to market demands and with a view to increase quality and range of services and to expand signal coverage the analog network users were being shifted to the TETRA digital network after 2005.

ISO certificate 9001 and 270001

In 2006 the RADIOPOL network operator established the Quality management system in accordance with the ISO standard 9001. In 2009 the system was extended to the Integrated system of quality management and information security in accordance with the ISO standards 9001-2008 and 270001-2005. Building and sustaining the Integrated system of quality management and information security the management takes appropriate measure to fulfill tasks resulting to implementation of the principle of continual improvement in fields of managing all the processes leading to customer satisfaction and deliveries of services at a high level. The latest technology achievements and software applications are integrated into technology and two-way radios.

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